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Faculty and Staff Members

CUPL has a total of 817 full time professors. Among them there are 524 law professors, representing the largest law faculty in China.

Among the faculty are leading draftsmen of current Chinese laws, top Chinese scholars who were trained in China and the West, government officials, and practitioners in leading Beijing law firms. Many of the Chinese faculty are instrumental in drafting the laws required for the newly emerging market economy. You may find that your critical comments, as did those of past years’ students, will “find their way into” one of China’s new legal codes!

Qiu, Bill Yuming

LL.M. (Beasley School of Law, Temple University, Pa.); MBA in Finance; B.A. (Beijing Foreign Studies University).

Asia Pacific Regional Director for Building Products of Rohm and Haas Company, a Philadelphia-based specialty chemical company. Prior to current position, was General Manager and Financial Controller of Beijing Carlisle. Responsibilities included overseeing the internal financial control of the operation and compliance with taxation laws and regulations of China. Also worked in the marketing and financial fields for Gateway, Inc. in Sioux City, SD.

Zheng, Jianing

L.L.D., Doctor of Civil and Commercial Law (China University of Political Science and Law); L.L.M., Master of Civil and Commercial Law (Tsinghua University School of Law, 2004); L.L.B. in International Economic Law (China University of Political Science and Law, 2001).

Professor at China University of Political Science and Law. Courses include: Company Law, Insurance Law, Intellectual Property Law, Maritime Law and Tort Law. Visiting scholar at Paris University; studied and researched on European civil and commercial law. Part-time lawyer at Beijing Danning Law Firm. Member of China Bar Association. Areas of practice: commercial contract, intellectual property and international trade. Publications include: Amelioration of New Energy Sources Legal System, 2008; La Responsabilité Civile envers les Tiers des Dirigeants des Sociétés – Analyse Comparée du Droit Français et Droit Chinois, 2007; Protection of the Creditors I One-man Company, 2007; Protection of the Third Party through Liability Insurance, 2006; Research on the Right for Motion of Shareholders, 2005; On Right of Subrogation in Maritime Insurance, 2004; Research on Mortgage in Qing Dynasty, 2002; Shen Jiaben: The First Enlightened Person in China Modern Legal Thoughts, 2000.

Professor Huaping Qin

Qin, Maggie

Ph.D., China University of Political Science and Law.

Director of Overseas Development Office. SG, Researcher of the Institute of Air & Space Law, China University of Political Science and Law. Faculty of International Law.

Professor Shizhou Wang

Wang, Shizhou

LL.M. (second) (University of California at Berkeley, 1988); LL.B. and LL.M. (Law Faculty of Peking University, 1985).

Professor of Law and LL.D Supervisor. Tutor, Law Faculty of Peking University, since 1985. From 1994 -1996, worked on a research project as Alexsand-von-Humboldt Research Fellow in Max-Planck-Institute of Foreign and International Criminal Law in Freiburg and in the University of Augsburg, Germany. One of the Directors of the Chinese Criminology Association.

Huo, Zhengxin

Ph.D, Wuhan University School of Law.

Associate Professor of Law at School of International Law, CUPL. Visiting faculty of the University of Minnesota Law School, 2007. Visiting faculty at Seoul National University College of Law (Korea), 2009-2010. Member of China Law Society and China Society of Private International Law. Participated in the 10th Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot (Vienna, Austria). Attended the summer course of Private International Law at The Hague Academy of International Law, the Netherlands. Major research fields: Conflicts of Laws, International Law, Constitutional Law, and Comparative Law. Received numerous academic honors, including Outstanding Scholarship of Philosophy and Social Sciences of Hubei and Outstanding Scholarship of Philosophy and Social Sciences of Beijing. Major academic accomplishments including monographs, translation of books, academic articles (in English) published in the U.S., and academic articles (in Chinese) published in China.

Professor John Shijian
Mo, John Shijian

Ph.D., Sydney.

Dean of Faculty of International Law and Professor of Law, CUPL. Arbitrator of CIETAC and CMAC. Member of UNIDROIT Governing Council.

Professor Lijun Cao

Cao, Lijun

LL.M (University of California at Berkeley, 2004); Bachelor of Law (University of International Business and Economics, 1995).

Arbitrator, CIETAC; Member, Award Scrutiny Team; Editor: China Arbitration and Jurisdicture; Arbitration Promotion Specialist, Development Department, CIETAC. Publications include: Interim Measures of Protection in the Context of Arbitration in China, 2005; Should the Arbitration be Terminated once the Claimant Withdraws His Claims?, 2002; Seller’s Remedies for Defects in Deliveries and Documents, 2000. Memberships: Panelist (Arbitrator), Kazakhstani International Arbitrage (KIA); Young International Arbitration Group (YIAG) of London Court of International Arbitration; New York Bar.

Professor Yang Wang

Wang, Yong

Ph.D., Civil Law, (China University of Political Science and Law, 1999); Master, Economic Law (Nanjing University, 1996); Bachelor, Law (China Youth Political Institute, 1990).

Director and Professor, The Institute of Business Law, CUPL. Visiting positions: Oxford University, 2005; Columbia University Law School, 2003-2004; Georgetown University Law Center, 2003. Academic duties: Deputy-Secretary, National Association of Business Law, 2001 – ; Executive Editor, CUPL Law Review, 2001 – .

Professor Mo Zhang

Zhang, John Mo

Professor Zhang, Mo LL.B. (1985) and LL.M. (1986), (CUPL); LL.M. (University of Michigan). Associate Professor of Law, Temple University Beasley School of Law; Director, Temple Law Programs in China. Admitted to practice in the States of Maryland and New York, U.S.A; Fulbright Scholar; frequent contributor to the East Asia Executive Reports on Chinese Laws. Specializes in contract law, conflict of laws and international business transactions. Former faculty member at FADA and Fulbright scholar. Publications include: Burden of Proof: Developments in Modern Chinese Evidence Rules, 2003; Governance of Internet Domain Names Against Cybersquatters in China: A Framework and Legal Perspective, 2002; International Civil Litigation in China: A Practical Analysis of the Chinese Judicial System, 2002; Freedom of Contract with Chinese Characteristics: A Closer Look at China’s New Contract Law, 2000.

Liu, Yinliang

Associate Professor, Institute of Intellectual Property Law, CUPL.

Zhang, Yi

LL.M in Criminal Procedure Law (CUPL, 1995), LL.M in Human Rights Law (UN, 2001), and Ph.D in Criminal Procedure Law (CUPL, 2003).

Director of the Division for Laws and Regulations of the Department of Legal and Legislative Affairs of the Ministry of Justice, and guest research fellow of the Institute for Crime Prevention of the Ministry of Justice, and guest professor of China International Training Center for Senior Legal Professionals affiliated with CUPL. Has published 30 papers of law in many journals and newspapers, such as The Forum of Political Science and Law, The Journal of Jurists, The Chinese Journal of Justice Administration, The Chinese Journal of Criminal Law, The Legal Daily, and The People’s Courts’ Daily. Has also co-authored a number of law books.

Professor Jeffrey Li

Li, Jeffrey Hongji

LL.M (CUPL, 1987), LL.M (Cornell University, 1992), LL.B (McGill University, 1994). Attorney of Law and partner at Beijing Tong Shang Law Firm, part-time Professor of Law at Peking University Law School and CUPL. Licensed to practice law in China and New York State.

Sha, Lijin

LL.M (Temple University, 2001), Ph.D of Law (CUPL, 2002). Associate Professor of Law at CUPL. Publications include: Law on the Protection of Cultural Relics of PRC: Implementing Rules, 1994; Moving Up the Lawsuit Intervention Time is Something New for Lawyers, 1996; Legal English, 1997; China’s Administrations of Justice Strides Forward Towards the 21st Century, 1997; The Circle of Innovation, 2000; Legal English Course Book (for post-graduates), 2001.

Li, Xiang

J.D. (University of Minnesota, 2005), Bachelor of Law (Fudan University, 2002).

Coordinator, University of Minnesota China Center. Publications include The Law of Civil Procedure: Cases and Materials, 2006; Class Actions in a Comprehensive Horizon: Principles, Culture and Practice, 2005; American Copyright Law: Doctrines, Cases and Materials, 2004; Torts: Fundamentals, Cases and Materials, 2004; Tibet, the Continent of Sun, 2002.

Zhao, Bingfu (Basil)

LL.M in International Law and Finance (American University Washington College of Law, 1998), LL.M in Commercial Law (The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law, 1994), LL.B in Chinese Law (CUPL, 1987).

Senior Corporate Counsel – North Asia, InterContinental Hotels Goup, Beijing. Admitted to the Bar of the People’s Republic of China in 1992.

Professor Liling Yue

Yue, Liling

Ph.D.; LL.B. (CUPL, 1983); LL.M (CUPL).

Taught at CUPL since 1987; main areas include comparative criminal justice, criminal procedure law, international human rights law, evidence law. Received Alexander-von-Humboldt Scholar in 1995 and did research at Max-Planck-Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law in Freiburg, Germany. Visiting professor at Cambridge University, Criminology Institute (2003).

Professor Xinchao Tong

Tong, Xinchao

LL.D (Laval University, Canada, 1994); Master of Law (Beijing University, 1986); B.A. (Wuhan University, 1982).

Partner and head of the International Law Group of East Associates, Beijing, People’s Republic of China, specializes in PRC foreign investment law, project finance, corporate, M&A, international trade and arbitration and E-commerce.

Jin, Qingjun

LL.M. (CUPL, 1987), B.A. in English (Anhui University, 1982).

Attorney at Law of the P.R.C., also admitted to practice in Washington, D.C., U.S.A.; Adjunct Professor, CUPL; Managing Partner, Shu Jin & Co. Law Firm, clients include World Bank, Sanwa Bank, SGS Thomson, American President Line, etc.; past practice includes positions in C.& C. Law Firm, Beijing; Johnson Stokes & Master Solicitors, Hong Kong; Clyde & Co. Solicitors, London; Vice Chair, Foreign Affairs Committee, China Lawyers Association.

Professor Wang, Weiguo

LL.B. (1982), LL.M. (1985), China Southwest University of Political Science and Law.

Professor of Law and Chairman of the Department of Economic Law, CUPL; Arbitrator, Beijing Arbitration Committee, the Arbitration Institute of Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce; member, Drafting Group for Bankruptcy Law, National People’s Congress, P.R.C.; member of the Expert Team, China National Bar Examination; Director, China-Australia Institutional Links Program; Guest researcher, Uppsala University, Sweden, 1989-92; Visiting Scholar, University of British Columbia, Canada, 1992; Participant, International Monetary Fund Seminars, Vienna, Austria, 1997, 1998; numerous publications.

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