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Application Deadline:
Please check the program page for the latest information on the application deadlines. For those programs who do not have an application deadline it is recommended that if students are not already in China, they apply at least one month before the beginning of that semester in order to allow time to process the application and provide students with a study visa.
Applications can be processed after this and once accepted, students should come to China on a temporary tourist visa which can be converted into a study visa here in Beijing.

Tuition Fees:
The total tuition fees are:

Law Degree in Chinese: RMB 80,000
LLM in International Law: RMB 87,000
LLM in Chinese Law: RMB 87,000
PhD in International Law: RMB 99,000
Semester Exchange Program: RMB 25,000
Summer Program – please check the program page here
Chinese Language Program: RMB 8,000 per semester

Once accepted onto the LLM or PhD Programs, students will be asked to make an advance payment of 10,000 RMB to secure a place on the program. This is a deposit towards the first year tuition fees for the program. The remainder of the LLM and PhD program fees should be paid in annual instalments students arrive at CUPL. For example, for the LLM, RMB 43,500 would be paid at the start of each year. For the 3 year PhD program it would be RMB 33,000 payable at the start of each academic year. Students can also pay the total tuition in advance if they like.

Application Fee:

The $150 USD application fee for the LLM and PhD programs is due when application is submitted. This is non-refundable and required to process your application. The payment method is Paypal or Bank transfer. For bank transfer the account details are here. If you require any assistance email us at [email protected]

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