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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I study at CUPL for 1 semester as an exchange student?

The program is now open to foreign students who wish to attend CUPL law program classes for 1 semester from any other institution in the world.

The cost for a single semester is  25000 RMB, and credits from the course can be used towards your law program in your home institution.

The details on the semester can be found on the LLM page here.

Students should apply on the application page here with the application fee and send a personal statement with the dates you wish to study.

If you have any questions you can contact us at [email protected]

What is the relationship between CUPL and CESL?

China University of Political Science and Law has two campuses and is split between postgraduate and undergraduates.
The postgraduates are based in the City campus (in Wudaokou the student district of Beijing) and undergraduates are based in the Changping campus (which is based about an hour to the North West of Beijing). In this undergraduate campus there is also the “China-EU School of Law” which is a joint EU and China initiative.

Can I practice law in China?

In order to practice in China you would need to speak and read fluent Chinese, pass the Chinese bar exam and then complete a 1 year apprenticeship with a Chinese law firm.
If you have not passed the Chinese bar exam in China you would be able to provide “legal consultancy services” which is what the majority of foreign lawyers do in China.

What is the acceptance rate for students?

There is no difference in acceptance rates between students who have studied law and those who have studied non-law subjects at this time, for those with sufficient English level, all those who applied last year were accepted.

I have not studied law before, how much of a barrier is this?

In terms of admissions, there is no difference in acceptance rates between students who have studied law and those who have studied non-law subjects at this time. In terms of the program, it would be an advantage for students to have previously studied law and to have a familiarity of the principles and concepts but it is not necessary to have studied law before to do well on the course.

When does the next term begin?

There are two terms each year. One in September and another in February. Students can begin the course at either time of the year.

I am 60 or over, am I eligible to apply for the program?

There is no upper limit on ages. All ages are welcome to apply for the international law programs.

Do students need insurance?

Yes students need to have insurance for the duration of their study at CUPL and they can’t enrol without it. Most students organise this before they leave their home country. Otherwise, the University can recommend a Chinese insurance company when you are in Beijing.

I would like to apply for a scholarship to study at CUPL, what is the agency number?

The agency number of China University of Political Science and Law with the China Scholarship Council is:  10053

What are the requirements for the letters of recommendation?

The letter of recommendation is from someone who knows you, from academia or work, who can write a short letter to us to recommend you to our program. It can be quite brief and the essential information required should state that they know you, confirm how they know you, confirm that you studied or worked with them (and on what dates), and that they recommend you to study on the program.
You can submit your application documents without the letters of recommendation and your application can be processed, you should send these as soon as possible – students will not receive an acceptance without letters of recommendation.

For my application, what should I put for guarantor and person or agency to act on your behalf in China?

The Guarantor should be someone who you trust who can be contacted in case of a medical or financial emergency to help you. It is normally a friend or family member from your home country. The person or agency to act on your behalf should be the embassy of your country in Beijing.

Can students from Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan apply for the international programs?

Students from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan can apply for the exchange program, Summer Progra, and for the LLM program but not the PhD program. They will need to take the Chinese exam in Beijing which will be in December or January the year before and can only enroll in September each year (not in February).

When is the application deadline?

Please check the application deadline on the program page. Any questions please contact us.

Can I study Chinese at CUPL?

Yes, the University does have Chinese language courses. These are 8000 RMB for 5 months. To enrol for these classes please apply on the application form here.

What is the best way to improve my Chinese before I arrive in Beijing?

There are a number of ways you can improve your Chinese. One popular website is Chinesepod.com which provides downloadable lessons from beginner to expert level. NCIKU.com is the leading Chinese dictionary website. You can also sign up to some Online Chinese Classes with BLCU at www.blcuchinese.com.

How much is accommodation?

There are dormitories available for students. They are shared with two per room with shared bathroom. This is at a subsidised rate of 1000 RMB per year. The spaces are not guaranteed and students need to put in a request in order to apply for the accommodation.
The program will help students to make private housing arrangements in a number of places near the University. The average accommodation in Beijing is between 2000-2500 RMB per month for shared apartments, although it can vary by location and size. Most students find accommodation or roommates to share with on thebeijinger.com.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes there are some scholarships available. Click here for more information.

How many students are there each year on the LLM?

There are approximately 30 students taking the LLM and there are also a number of exchange students. The students are very diverse and are from all over the world. Students from all countries are welcome to apply.

What are the residency requirements for being in Beijing during the PhD?

The PhD is quite flexible and there are no fixed residency requirements, the basic requirements are:

The classes are during the weekend. Your main requirement is to take 11 credits. This can be completed, in one go – which would be 1 semester or up to 1 year if spread out more, or over different periods during the 3 years – there is some flexibility here. You can see more information on the courses needed for the PhD here, and you would also be able to take any modules for the LLM here. You can also drop in on Chinese lessons if you would like. If you are interested in taking Mandarin Chinese lessons this is available during the weekdays.

For the dissertation there is no requirement to be in Beijing permanently during this time. But you will need to work with your supervisor and arrange to defend your dissertation in front of a supervisory panel in Beijing once it is completed.


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