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LLM in Chinese Law

Application Deadline: 20th June for September intake, 25th December for February intake.

The Master of Law Program in Chinese Law is taught in English for international students. The focus of the program is to provide students with an understanding of the Chinese legal system and society. There are a mixture of extra activities and close contacts with Chinese students and legal professionals. Due to the importance of this program it has been specially marked as a key program for development by the University.

The official name of the program is LLM in Comparative Law, the focus of the program is on Chinese Law for international students.

There are two intakes each year in the Fall Semester (September), and Spring Semester (February / March).

Application Deadline:
The application deadline is June 20th for the September intake.

Admission Requirements:
The program is only open to foreign nationals. Anyone with a formal undergraduate degree as recognized by the Ministry of Education of China is welcome to apply for admission. An undergraduate degree in law is an advantage, but it is not necessary to have previously studied law to do well on the program. The Admission Committee of CUPL will make the decision about the acceptance based on the applicant’s performance and potential.

In the unprecedented process of globalization and the rise of the Chinese economy, Chinese law becomes increasingly important as more and more companies, individuals, and governments develop business, cultural, academic and political connections with China. To meet the increasing demand for understanding Chinese legal system, our curriculum covers the major fields of Chinese law and will offer you both unique insights in Chinese legal system and exciting experience in China.

Note About the Program:
The program is managed by at the College of International Education of China University of Political Science and Law. The program is separate to the LLM in International Law which is managed by the Faculty of International Law, although there is some overlap in the courses offered, as below. For more detailed comparison between the two programs see the comparison page here.

Curriculum and Credits Awarded:
The duration of the program is 2 years (4 semesters). Students are required to enroll on a minimum of 31 credits.

The 31 credits include 2 parts: 27 credits from course study (20 credits for compulsory courses and 7 credits for optional courses) and 4 credits from the master’s dissertation.

The first year is full-time coursework with class attendance and the second year is set aside for dissertation writing, legal practice and internships. There is flexibility in the second year, and students can either choose to stay in China or return to their own country in the second academic year, but they must be in CUPL to attend the dissertation defense in the second semester of the last year to complete the program.

1) Compulsory courses (20 credits)
O Chinese Law and Society – 2 Credits – 36 contact hours
O Chinese Constitutional and Administrative Law – 3 Credits – 36 contact hours
O Chinese Civil Law – 3 Credits – 54 contact hours
O Chinese Finance Law – 2 Credits – 36 contact hours
O Chinese Civil Procedure Law – 3 Credits – 54 contact hours
O Chinese Company Law – 2 Credits – 36 contact hours
O Criminal Justice in China – 3 Credits – 54 contact hours
O Foreign Investment Law – 2 Credits – 36 contact hours

2) Optional courses (7 credits)
O Legal Research and Writing – 2 Credits – 36 contact hours
O International Trade Law – 2 Credits – 36 contact hours
O International Investment Law – 2 Credits – 36 contact hours
O International Public Law – 2 Credits – 36 contact hours
O International Private Law – 2 Credits – 36 contact hours
O International Arbitration Law – 2 Credits – 36 contact hours
O WTO and China – 1 Credits – 18 contact hours
O Intellectual Property Law – 2 Credits – 36 contact hours
O International Human Rights Law – 1 Credits – 18 contact hours

Internships and Career Development:
The school offers assistance to students in seeking internships at top law firms and other legal institutions in China. There will also be visits to law firms and court auditing. The program will help students establish a solid foundation for their career in, or relating to China.

Tuition Fee:
The tuition fee is 87,000 RMB, with 43,500 RMB due in the first year, and 43,500 RMB due in the second year.

Accommodation and Facilities:
There are new dormitories available for students. They are shared with two per room with shared bathroom on each floor. This is at a subsidised rate of 900 RMB per year, or 450 RMB per semester. The program will also help students to make private housing arrangements in a number of places near the University by introducing rental agencies. Please contact us for details.

Internet connection is available on campus. The CUPL library has a small collection of books in English. The program is also building up a small collection of English publications on Chinese law. Access to electronic databases including LexisNexis, Westlaw and Isinolaw (database in English on Chinese law) are available on campus.

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