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LLM in International Law

Application Deadline: 20th June for September intake, 25th December for February intake.

Students are able to pursue their interests in either commercial law or general comparative law by choosing different courses offered by the program. The program is managed by the Faculty of International Law.

There are two intakes each year, and students can apply to start in either the Fall Semester (starting in September) or the Spring Semester (starting in February.)

Application Deadline:
The application deadline is June 20th for the September intake, and 25th December for the February intake.

Admission Requirements:
The program is only open to foreign nationals. Anyone with a formal undergraduate degree as recognized by the Ministry of Education of China is welcome to apply for admission. An undergraduate degree in law is an advantage, but it is not necessary to have previously studied law to do well on the program.

The purpose of the program is to provide advanced and practical knowledge of Chinese law to students and practitioners across the world, who feel more comfortable in using English as a medium of study. To promote further and wider legal exchange and cooperation between CUPL and foreign students and practitioners is also one of the main concerns of the program.

Note About the Program:
The program is managed by at the Faculty of International Law of China University of Political Science and Law. The program is separate to the LLM in Chinese Law which is managed by the College of International Education, although there is some overlap in the courses offered, as below. For more detailed comparison between the two programs see the comparison page here.

Period of Study:
The period of study is normally 2 years. Students can take the classes in the first year, and the second year is for the dissertation. The dissertation can be completed from any location, so there is no requirement to stay in Beijing for the second year, but it is necessary for students to return to Beijing in order to defend the dissertation in front of a panel when it has been completed. It is also possible for students to spread the courses out over two years if they wish. Students will also have the opportunity to take Chinese Mandarin lessons, and it is also possible to arrange law experience working in Beijing.

Curriculum and Credits Awarded:
An LL.M. candidate must obtain a minimum of 26 credits to fulfill the requirements for the award of the LL.M. in International Law (English Mode). Students can obtain credits by attending lectures or seminars and writing research papers as directed by their supervisor. The credits for each course offered by the program are set out as follows:

1) Compulsory subjects (3 credits each, 12 credits in total)
O Introduction to Chinese Law 54 contact hours
O Chinese Constitutional and Administrative Law 54 contact hours
O Chinese Contract Law 54 contact hours
O Foreign Investment Law of China 54 contact hours

2) Optional subjects (2 credits each, optional courses offered each term may
be adjusted depending on the availability of lecturers)
O Human Rights in China 36 contact hours
O Criminal Law and Criminal Procedures 36 contact hours
O Civil Law and Civil Procedures 36 contact hours
O Company Law of China 36 contact hours
O Intellectual Property Law of China 36 contact hours
O International Law and Chinese Practices 36 contact hours
O China and Law of WTO 36 contact hours
O Arbitration Law of China 36 contact hours
O Maritime Law of China 36 contact hours
O Securities Law of China 36 contact hours
O Competition Law of China 36 contact hours
O Commercial Laws of Mainland China and
O Hong Kong in Comparison 36 contact hours

The schedules are below. Contact us if you require more information.
2011 Spring Schedule
2011 Fall Schedule
2012 Spring Schedule
2012 Fall Schedule
2013 Spring Schedule
2013 Fall Semester
2014 Spring Semester
2014 Fall Semester
2015 Spring Semester – Schedule (1/2)
2015 Spring Semester – Public Optional Course (2/2)
2015 September Semester – Schedule

And below are three module outlines as examples:

Contract Law
Chinese IPR
Corporation Law

Students may obtain credits by writing study reports and research papers. During the course of study, each student must complete at least two study reports and two annual research papers (each carries 1 credit). Students may also attend prescribed public seminars and be accredited for so doing.

The staff in the Overseas Development Office, Faculty of International Law, will provide advice to each candidate on how to organize his or her study plan.

Mode of Teaching:
The classes will be during the weekday and weekday evening classes see the 2013 Fall Semester timetable here. The class timetable will be available just over 1 month before the start of each new semester.

“CUPL has an excellent reputation in the legal world. It is interesting and exciting studying law here in Beijing. Studying law in China is an excellent opportunity and I can’t think of any better place to do it than CUPL. My classes here are always interesting, students from different cultures and legal backgrounds discuss law in China with insightful and helpful professors.”
Frederick Leclarcq, LLM Student from UK

Internships and Training:
Legal services in China has been internationalised. There are opportunities for our students to take an internship in a number of law firms in China. The program will provide assistance to our students who wish to have an internship or receive some practical training in law firms in Beijing or other major cities in China. There are opportunities to work in Chinese law firms for those with a working level of Chinese and we are working to develop our relationships with firms for internships in English, or for those with only a limited knowledge of Chinese, although most students organise these themselves before or once they have arrived in Beijing.

Dissertation and Supervision:
An LLM candidate must submit a dissertation of about 30,000 words in length to fulfill the requirements for the LLM degree. Only those candidates who have acquired minimum credits for graduation and defended their LLM dissertations successfully in front of an examination panel of three members are eligible for the award of LLM in Chinese and Comparative Law. An LLM candidate will be assigned a supervisor during the course of his/her study, and the supervisor is responsible for guiding the candidate’s research and dissertation.

The Cost of Study:
The total cost for the award of the LLM in International law is RMB 87,000, covering the minimum courses (or equivalent) for 26 credits and an LLM dissertation.

Accommodation and Facilities:
There are new dormitories available for students. They are shared with two per room with shared bathroom on each floor. This is at a subsidised rate of 900 RMB per year, or 450 RMB per semester. The program will also help students to make private housing arrangements in a number of places near the University by introducing rental agencies. Please contact us for details.

Internet connection is available on campus. The CUPL library has a small collection of books in English. The program is also building up a small collection of English publications on Chinese law. Access to electronic databases including LexisNexis, Westlaw and Isinolaw (database in English on Chinese law) are available on campus.

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