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Applying for your Chinese Student Visa (X Visa)

Students should apply for an X visa (study visa) in your home country. In order to do this students will need to go to the Chinese embassy with your admissions letter, and Jw202 form. The time-length varies according to the embassy and region. We will need to send hard copies to you by DHL. If we have not sent this to you, and you wish to apply for a study visa in your home country, please ask us and we will send them to you by DHL.

Please note that it is sometimes possible for students to come to Beijing on a tourist visa (L visa) and then convert this into a study (x) visa when in Beijing. Due to changes in the visa process in July 2013, it is more difficult to do this, so we advise students to apply for an X study visa in their home country. Please contact us in advance if you plan to come on a tourist visa and then convert it into an X study visa.

If you have any questions about the visa process or applying for the visa contact us and we will assist you.


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