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Law Degree in Chinese Law (in Chinese)

Application deadline: 20th June for September intake.

The law degree program at CUPL is the leading law degree in Beijing and is the leading law degree program in the whole of China. 60% of all the students at CUPL are enrolled on this program. The program is a four year program, based in the Beijing Changping Campus. The law degree program is in Chinese.

The program starts on 1st September each year.

Application Deadline:
The application deadline is 20th June for 1st September.

Admission Requirements:
Applicants must have the equivalent of the high school graduate of the People’s Republic of China, and be above the age of 18. Applicant’s also need to have HSK Chinese level 5 or above, and have sufficient Chinese communication skills. If students do not meet this Chinese level they can enroll at the Chinese Language program here.┬áIt normally takes 2 years of full time study to reach HSK Chinese Level 5.

The purpose of the program is to train high quality students who are multi-disciplined, with strong foundation, application oriented, creative law professionals. Students will have a wide range of fundamentals, including the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and will have a solid foundation in law theory. They can systematically understand law knowledge and law regulations and understand the domestic and international law theory development and legislation information, able to read professional books and journals in English and Chinese. They will have high political theory understand and strong analytical skills, good judgement and practical ability, able to skillfully apply the relevant legal knowledge and regulation to cover all types of legal matters, to solve a variety of legal disputes and also with the ability to engage in law education and research.

Period of Study:
The program is a four year program.

The major has 5 national special courses and 3 bi-lingual courses (in English and Chinese), 2 national majors, 9 dedicated courses, and with a leading team of teachers. The law degree has the biggest and widest coverage in the field of teachers with over 180 bachelor law courses. With the highest quality law degree courses in all of China, the program has attracted many outstanding students to apply and has trained a large number of talented students.
The students who are accepted by the University will be sent to different colleges such as Civil and Commercial Law, International Law, Criminal Justice Academy.

Some of the courses are below:
– Jurisprudence
– Constitutional Law
– Chinese legal history
– Civil Law Principles
– Civil Law
– Criminal Law
– Criminal Procedural Law
– Administrative Law and Administrative Procedural Law
– General Economic Law
– Commercial Law
– International Law
– Private International Law
– International Economic Law
– Introduction to Intellectual Property Law
– Intellectual Property Law

Employment Direction:
After graduating from law school, students can work in judicial and procuratorial, lawyers, police, etc. can also be engaged in legislative, legal education, research, administrative and corporate consulting.

Cost of study:
The program tuition fee is 20,000 RMB per year. The total fee is 80,000 RMB for the four year program.

Accommodation and facilities:
Students can stay in accommodation on campus (Changping Campus) or can arrange accommodation themselves.


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