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To apply for the scholarship, students should first apply to the program here and apply for the scholarship on the CSC website here at the same time.

Students need to be sponsored by an institution in order to get a scholarship. The institution can be the Chinese embassy in your country or University. If you would like to be sponsored by CUPL, you should write the agency number as 10053, complete the csc form online, and send it with your other application documents to [email protected] Priority is given to students who are new to China and have not lived or studied in China in the last 12 months.

The scholarships are only open to students who are applying to start in September, not in February. The applications will be processed on April 15th, so students should get their applications in before the start of April, the earlier the better your chances. Successful applicants will be notified in July. Because of the large numbers of applicants it is not able to notify unsuccessful applicants that they have not been awarded a scholarship.

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