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Semester Exchange Program in Chinese Law

Application Deadline: 20th June for September intake, 25th December for February intake.

The program is now open to foreign students who wish to attend CUPL law program classes for 1 semester from any other institution in the world. There are two semesters each year, starting in February and September. Students are welcome to apply for either of these semesters.

Tuition Fee:
The cost for a single semester is 25,000 RMB, and credits from the course can be used towards your law program in your home institution.  

Students can attend all the lectures and seminars that are available to LLM students (see LLM information here). The mode of teaching is on the weekdays or weekends.

1) Compulsory subjects (3 credits each, 12 credits in total)
O Introduction to Chinese Law 54 contact hours
O Chinese Constitutional and Administrative Law 54 contact hours
O Chinese Contract Law 54 contact hours
O Foreign Investment Law of China 54 contact hours

2) Optional subjects (2 credits each, optional courses offered each term may
be adjusted depending on the availability of lecturers)
O Human Rights in China 36 contact hours
O Criminal Law and Criminal Procedures 36 contact hours
O Civil Law and Civil Procedures 36 contact hours
O Company Law of China 36 contact hours
O Intellectual Property Law of China 36 contact hours
O International Law and Chinese Practices 36 contact hours
O China and Law of WTO 36 contact hours
O Arbitration Law of China 36 contact hours
O Maritime Law of China 36 contact hours
O Securities Law of China 36 contact hours
O Competition Law of China 36 contact hours
O Commercial Laws of Mainland China and
O Hong Kong in Comparison 36 contact hours

The schedules are below. Contact us if you require more information.

2011 Fall Schedule
2011 Spring Schedule
2012 Spring Schedule
2013 Spring Schedule
2013 Fall Semester
2014 Spring Semester
2015 Spring Semester – Schedule (1/2)
2015 Spring Semester – Public Optional Course (2/2)

2015 September Semester – Schedule

And below are three module outlines as examples:
Contract Law
Chinese IPR
Corporation Law

Credit Requirements
If students are on an exchange from another University then their credit requirements are decided by their home University. If they are an independent students they are free to attend all the classes as they wish, at the same time there are no minimum requirements. The classes that the students have taken will be written on the transcript at the end of the program.

Internships and Training:
Legal services in China is being internationalised. There are opportunities for our students to take an internship in a number of law firms in China. The program will provide assistance to our students who wish to have an internship or receive some practical training in law firms in Beijing or other major cities in China. There are opportunities to work in Chinese law firms for those with a working level of Chinese and we are working to develop our relationships with firms for internships in English, or for those with only a limited knowledge of Chinese, although most students organise these themselves before or once they have arrived in Beijing.

Most students organise this themselves and receive credits from their home institution. The procedure is different from each University, but you will need to get approval from a member in your department and recognition of the courses you will take at CUPL. This is usually by sending the course schedule above, and some module outlines. At the end of each semester we provide a transcript of the courses taken so students can receive credits in their home institution. If you need any further information for this let us know.

Accommodation and Facilities:
There are opportunities for shared dormitory on campus for exchange students which are priced at a subsidised 1000 RMB per year. These are 2 students per room with bathroom included.

Students can also live in private accommodation and we will assist students by introducing you to rental agencies.

Internet connection is available on campus. The CUPL library has a small collection of books in English. The program is also building up a small collection of English publications on Chinese law. Access to electronic databases including LexisNexis, Westlaw and Isinolaw (database in English on Chinese law) are available on campus.

Application Process:
Students should apply on the application page below and send a personal statement with the dates you wish to study together with the $150 application fee. Once these have been received it will take 3-4 weeks before an admissions decision is given, at which point, if successful, you will receive an official acceptance letter, visa application form and arrival instructions.

If you have any questions you can contact us using the contact form on the right or by sending us an email at [email protected]

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